Our Purchasing Policy

From trial and error here's what my policies have come to be:

1) In order for us to hold an item WE MUST have a confirmed pick up time. We will not hold an item for more than one day. After that, it will be available for the next person on the wait list.

2) Please bring exact change with you when you come to pick up. We cannot guarantee that we will have change for you.

3) If you want us to make changes to an item (i.e., change the paint color), and we agree that it can be done, it will come with an additional cost.

4) There are no refunds so please be sure you want the piece before purchasing, understanding that vintage pieces come with minor imperfections -- which in, our opinion, only adds to the character of the piece!

5) Items will be held for 30 days once payment is received. After the customer has been contacted and the item still has not been picked up -- it will be resold.

Thanks for your understanding!