Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4-shelf Bookcase

***SOLD--Thanks, Becky!***
Description: Vintage 4-shelf bookcase. Distressed blue with white painted in the backdrop.
Price: $55

Vintage Table with slate top

Description: Vintage 6-sided, Side/End/Coffee table with beautiful slate top. Freshly painted. Two doors open up to provide plenty of storage.
Dimensions: (W)x 25" x (H) 21" and point-to-point is 28"
Price: $85

Pink Side Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Erin!***
Description: Cute Shabby Chic Side Table. Freshly Painted pink and lightly distressed. Would be great for a girl's room.

Price: $35

Vintage Phone Stand

***SOLD*** Thanks, Janelle!

Description: 3-shelf old phone stand. Freshly painted black and lightly distressed.

Dimensions: (L) 16" (W)x 12" x (H) 30"

Price: $40

Distressed Green Cabinet

***SOLD - Thanks, Katie!***
Description: Distressed Green Cabinet with shelves and beadboard backing.

Price: $75

3-Panel Screen

***SOLD*** Thanks, Aja!
Description: Three-panel Screen from an old Indianapolis Theater. Cream frame, distressed, with red/cream toille fabric.

Dimensions: (L) 77" when open fully, 24" each panel x (H) 66"

Price: $125

Barstool Bench

***SOLD--Thanks Jason & Heather!***
Description: Two-person barstool bench. Frame is freshly painted black. Wooden seat is distressed with black floral design.

Dimensions: (L) 39"x (W)16" x (H) 42" in back, 24" in front

Price: $125

High back Chair

***SOLD*** Thanks, Melissa

Description: Retro green high-back chair with black floral seat. Caning is in great condition.

Dimensions: (L) 21 x (W) 18" x (H) 44" for back, 17" for front

Price: $55

Black Chair

***SOLD*** Thanks, Melissa!

Description: One of a kind black side/kitchen chair. Freshly painted black with a yellow, whimsical design painted on the seat.

Dimensions: (L) 19" x (W) 16" x (H) 37"

Price: $35

Retro Coffee Table

Description: Retro orange, 6-sided table that can be used as side/end/coffee table, with a door that opens to provide plenty of storage. Great detail on the front. Heavily Distressed.

Dimensions: (W)x 25" x (H) 21" and point-to-point is 28"

Price: $85

Shabby Chic Folding Chair

***SOLD*** Thanks, Jessica!

Description: Shabby Chic folding side chair freshly painted in robin's egg blue.

Dimensions: (L)13.5" x (W)13.5" x (H)31"

Price: $20

Welcome Johnna!

I'd like you to welcome my new side kick! Her name is Johnna and she is fabulous at seeing the beauty in what others have deemed trash. She will be posting many of her items later tonight so stayed tuned! They are gorgeous and fit Lila's Pockets perfectly. I know you will love her and the pieces she has created. Welcome Johnna!

Vintage Beach House Dresser

***SOLD - Thanks, Jenny & Austin!***
Description: Vintage dresser freshly painted a sandstone and turquoise. Heavily distressed. Original antique glass knobs. Perfect height for a changer, too!

Dimensions: (L) 38" (W)x 17" x (H) 33.5"

Price: $95

Retro set of 3 End Tables

***SOLD - Thanks, Blake!***
Description: Unique set of 3 end tables. Two side tables and one corner table. Tapered legs with gold tips evident of the era.

Price: $20 each

Retro Kitchen Chair

***SOLD - Thanks, Sara!***
Description: Retro kitchen/side chair. Freshly painted bright blue. Original cream, vinyl seat in great condition.

Dimensions: (L) 16.5" x (W) 19.5 x (H) 19"

Price: $30

Old Fireplace Mantel

***SOLD - Thanks, Chasey!***
Description: Old fireplace mantel. Use as a dramatic shelf to take up lots of wall space. Freshly painted black and lightly distressed. Wall hangers attached.

Dimensions: (L) 7"x (W)77" x (H) 9.5"

Price: $75

Vintage White Desk

***SOLD -Thanks, Victoria!***
Description: Vintage white 6-drawer desk. Freshly painted white and lightly distressed. Clear coat on top for extra protection.

Price: $115

Vintage Grey & White Dresser

***SOLD - Thanks, Jennifer!***
Description: Vintage grey and white dresser. Freshly painted and lightly distressed. Top portion of dresser would be great for jewelry!

Dimensions: (L) 38" x (W) 20" x (H)

Price: $200