Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Hall Bench

Okay, before I get a flood of emails asking me for this....THIS IS NOT FOR SALE! :) I just wanted to show you what I've working on for our home. I was going to sell this, but then I finished it, and just couldn't part with it. We'd been through too much together to split ways. I did, however, want to show you the paisley design and suggest that some of you may want to add something like this to your pieces from here. If so, I'm charging $30 to add this to any of my furniture pieces. Just let me know ahead of time so that I can get it finished for you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Tv Stand

***SOLD - Thanks!***
Very interesting table. It swivels 360 degrees, which makes it great for a TV because you can move it to any vantage point in the room. Painted with a muted turquoise and heavily distressed. Would look great with a modern TV on top. Love this table.

Dimensions: (L) 22" x (W) 21" x (H) 25 1/2"


Retro Ottoman

***SOLD - Thanks, Liz!***
Unique, one-of-a-kind, retro ottoman. I've never seen one like it! It's huge and perfect for that couch your don't have a place to put your feet, yet. Covered in faux leather. Tapered, gold tipped legs.

Dimensions: (L) 41" x (H) 14"

Price: $55

Vintage Green Dresser

Beautiful, vintage dresser. Looks even better in person. Freshly painted with a retro green and heavily distressed. 4 drawers, glide nicely. One of my favorites!

Dimensions: (L) 19" x (W) 15" x (H) 42"


Retro Bar Stools

Pair of retro bar stools (price is for both). Clean -- smoke free, pet free. Fabric is in excellent condition. Stools swivel 360 degrees.

Dimensions: (L) 19" x (W) 15" x (H) 22"

Price: $45 for the pair

Mission Style Black Coffee Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Amber!***
Description: Vintage coffee table. Misson style. Freshly painted black and top refinished. Perfect size.

Dimensions: (L) 36" x (W) 24" x (H) 19"

Price: $55

Retro Buffet/Dresser

Beautiful,retro,black buffet or dresser. Freshly painted black. Formica top. 9 drawers, 6 with original hardware. Tapered legs.

Dimensions: (L) 64" x (W) 18" x (H) 30"

Price: $195

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Open for the SEASON (finally!)

We are excited to announce that Lila's Pockets is open again for our 3rd season! Sorry we got a late start this year. All the rain has made it hard to paint. As always email us quickly when you see something you like so that you can be the first person in line for that item. Hopefully, you'll find some treasures here. Thanks for looking.

~Luke and Kara

Black & White Accent Chair

Price: $55

Retro Table for Two

***SOLD - Thanks, Tammy!***

Price: $110

Shabby Chic TV Stand

***SOLD - Thanks, Nicole!***
Dimensions: (L) 22" x (W) 16" x (H) 28 ½”
Price: $55

Retro Black End Table

***SOLD -THANKS, Jen!!***
Description: This is a fabulous end table! It has amazing straight lines. The top of the table slides back and reveals a drawer underneath. It has been freshly painted black.

Dimensions: (L) 30" x (W) 20" x (H) 19"

Price: $55