Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Retro Accent Chair

***SOLD - Thanks, Amy!***
Description: Very unique piece (I scoured the Internet looking for something similar and couldn't find anything!) Cream colored retro, accent chair. Small pattern on fabric with flecks of blue. Original, round, tapered legs. Would be perfect for that one corner you just haven't found anything for. Straight lined designed and very comfortable. Fabric is clean and in perfect condition. Chair swivels giving it the look of three legs (there are four). Dimensions are (L)22" x (W)26" x (H)27" (from back) 16" (from seat).
Price: $150 SALE: $120

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vintage Child's Desk and Chair

***SOLD - Thanks, Kendra!***
Description: Great vintage desk for a kid! Metal desk with formica top and chair, too! Freshly painted primary red.

Price: $35

Retro, Corner Desk

***SOLD - Thanks, Beth!***
Description: Retro, corner desk with three legs. Very unique!!!! As my husband says, "we should keep this -- it is a three-legged, corner, retro desk -- you don't see those everyday!" I am selling this, though. It has been freshly painted black and lightly distressed. All hardware are original to the piece. Dimensions are (L) 41 1/2" (W) 31" x (H) 30".

Price: $175

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black & White Nightstand

***SOLD - Thanks, Leslie!***
Description: Awesome retro looking nightstand. Freshly painted black and white. Lightly distressed around the edges with a white underlay popping through. Black hardware with two drawers. Dimensions are (L) 24" x (W) 15" x (H) 24".

Price: $45

Black Distressed End Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Emily!***
Description: Black podium style end table. Freshly painted black and heavily distressed for a vintage look. Great line and lots of character. Would make a great plant stand, too! Dimensions are (L) 19" x (W)19" x (H)20 1/2".

Price: $25

Girls Pink Twin Bed

***SOLD - Thanks, Erin!***
Description: The perfect little bed for a princess! Twin bed with head board, foot board, side rails, and slats. Freshly painted light pink. Dimensions are (L) 75" x(W) 41" x (H) 36".

Price: $100

Monday, October 5, 2009

Vintage Window Wall Hanging

**SOLD - Thanks Jill & Natalie!***
Description: This is such a unique piece! This is a window that hangs on a wall. The idea is to place photos behind the glass to use a picture frame. The last picture is one that I have currently in my own house (this one is NOT for sale). I have two windows for sale. They have been freshly painted black and slightly distressed for a vintage look. Each one has a beautiful handle attached and there is a bracket on the back so that it can hang. Dimensions are (L) 40" x (W) 22".

Price: $40 each

Retro End Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Janel!***
Description: Very unique end table. This is a Danish modern style table which is the same time period as many retro pieces. It is bi-level with the lower level being slightly smaller, and black in color. The legs are slightly tapered. Dimensions are (L) 24" x (W) 24" x (H) 21 1/2".

Price: $35

Shabby Chic Chair

***SOLD - Thanks, Kristi!***

Description: Perfect little, white chair. Would be great for a desk or for that one last corner that needs just a little something. Solid oak, freshly painted white and distressed for a shabby chic look. Dimensions are (L) 15 1/2" x (W) 16" x (H) 36".

Price: $25

Retro 1940's Full-size Bed

***SOLD - Thanks, Nicole!***
Description: This bed is awesome! It is an original 1940's full-sized bed. I have freshly painted it black and lightly distressed it. It includes the side rails and slats. Dimensions from within the side rails are (L) 75" x (W) 55". Height of headboard is 33" and height of footboard is 20". Don't miss out on this as I have a feeling it will go fast.

Price: $140