Monday, March 29, 2010

Sleek, Retro Chair

***SOLD -Thanks, Cara!***
Description: Sleek lines and perfect condition. This mid-century, retro chair would be the perfect addition to any room. Light blue corduroy fabric and round, tapered wooden legs add to the look of the piece. Fabric is clean and smoke free and the wooden legs are freshly polished.

Dimensions: (L) x 29 1/2" (W) 26" x (H from arm) 19" (H from floor to back) 27"

Price: $85

Vintage, Distressed End Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Laura!***
Description:Vintage end table. Heavily distressed with green and white paint. Has an old English look with beautiful hardware. Construction is perfect with dovetail drawers. Would look fabulous with shabby chic d├ęcor or just to add some vintage to a sleek room.

Dimensions: (L) 24” x (W) 16” x (H) 24”

Price: $45

Retro End Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Nikki!***
Description: Classic mid-century piece. Two-tiered end table with round tapered legs and gold tips. Dark colored wood. Very beautiful!

Dimensions: (L) 25 1/2" x (W) 17 1/2" x (H) 22"

Price: $35

Price: $35

Orange Retro End Table/Nightstand

***SOLD - Thanks, Sharon!***
Description: Retro end table with cabinet doors. Freshly painted true orange with natural wood grain showing through. Original mid-century gold hardware. Truly original piece!!

Dimensions: (L) x 19" (W) x 14" x (H) 25"
Price: $55

Black Vintage End Table

***SOLD - Thanks, Crystal!***

Description: Vintage, two-tiered end table. Freshly painted black and slightly distressed to add to the look of the piece.

(L) 26" x (W) 12" x (H) 26"

Price: $35